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The Uglies


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Dark Emerald Bones



Through a mutual friend, two people are introduced and fall for each other, though there are complications. Typical.

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 We chose to study the genre of suspense/thriller. These types of movies are characterized by fast pacing, frequent action, and resourceful heroes who have to work against and defeat an often more-powerful and more well- equipped villain. Thrillers often take place in exotic settings such as foreign cities, desert, polar regions, or high seas, and the characters are often already accustomed to danger, though this is not always true as they are also ordinary citizens drawn into danger by accident. The lead character is often male, though recently there have been more women playing this role.  In a thriller, the hero must thwart the plans of an enemy, rather than uncover a crime that has already happened. In a thriller the identity of a murderer or other villain in typically known all along. Jeopardy and violent confrontations are standard plot elements. While a mystery climaxes when it is solved, a thriller climaxes when the hero finally defeats the villain, saving his own life and often the lives of others.  In recent years, when thrillers have been increasingly influenced by horror or psychological-horror exposure in pop culture, an ominous or monstrous element has become common to heighten tension. The term mis-en-scene originated in French theater. In cinematography today, it means “placing an angle,” and refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement. It encapsulates four formal elements: the physical setting, the staging of action, the manners in which these elements are framed, and the manner in which they are photographed.

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Realized that I never posted Sanna Kannisto’s image that I recreated. This is it:



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Sanna Kannisto was born in Hämeenlinna, Finland in 1974, and now lives and works in Helsinki. There is not much more information available about this photographer. Says Kannisto of her photography: “My work explores the relationship between nature and culture. In my artistic work I aim to study the methods, theories and concepts through which we approach nature in art and in science. As an artist I am attracted by the idea that when I am working in a rain forest I am a ‘visual researcher’.”


This image is powerful as it was taken during a Field Study, one of Kannisto’s particular interests. The lighting, attention to detail, and not-so-accidental “foreign” objects included in this piece are very typical of her work and style.



This is the image I chose to recreate. While it was impossible to get it exactly right, I love the lighting and the shapes in this image. 

This is an image that contains of of Kannisto’s “natural frames,” in which a white backdrop, black curtains, and studio lighting was used, but the photograph is created to that the assembly of the image is visible.

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