Assignment #3

The 1960’s marked the explosion of a British movement called “mod,” which was a result of adolescents rejecting old-fashioned customs and repression. Significant elements of the mod lifestyle included music, fashion, and amphetamine use. This time period was the first in which teenagers had a disposable income, and so fashion became extremely important. Short dresses and mini-skirts were very popular, as were bright, contrasting colors and large, simple patterns, many of which features circular designs. One celebrity who followed and embodied this trend was Twiggy, an English model, actor, and singer. Mary Quant was a designer who helped popularize these trends.




A Collection of Mod Dresses

A Collection of Mod Dresses


Architecture follows similar trends in that, at the time, tradition was thrown out and modernity embraced instead. One architect who particularly exemplified this is Le Corbusier. Born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, he was a Swiss urban planner, architect, furniture designer, and painter. He was a pioneer of modern high design, concerned with poor living conditions in crowded cities, and favored simple, linear, minimalism above all else.

A House by Le Corbusier

A House by Le Corbusier

Assignment No. 2

Marilyn Monroes Lips - Andy Warhol (1962)

"Marilyn Monroe's Lips" - Andy Warhol (1962)

This piece uses the principle of emphasis, as Warhol uses the same image over and over again. In addition, he uses it against two different colored backgrounds, and experiments with different pigmentation.



Ostrich Egg - Karin Sander

"Ostrich Egg" - Karin Sander

Karin Sander’s “Ostrich Egg” is extremely simple. Created in 2004, is it an ostrich egg that has been polished and mounted on a wooden base. This sculpture embodies the principle of unity – it is a singular object, and the egg itself, which often represents birth, is unified with the ideas of life and death.


Portrait of Andy Warhol - Julian Schnabel

"Portrait of Andy Warhol" - Julian Schnabel


Julian Schnabel’s “Portrait of Andy Warhol” especially struck me when walking through the museum. Because black velvet is used as the background, everything painted on it stands out incredible. For this reason, this painting embodies the principle of emphasis. 

Darajherd III - Frank Stella

"Darajherd III" - Frank Stella


This piece represents balance. Entitled “Darajherd III” by Frank Stella, it is very colorful, and yet somehow, the artist manages to balance everything out using corresponding colors and the shape of the work as a whole. The lines that border the shape of the painting also help to balance it out.


Wall Drawing # 1113 - Sol Lewitt

"Wall Drawing # 1113" - Sol Lewitt


From this point of view, it is impossible to tell how big Sol Lewitt’s “Wall Drawing #1113” is. The proportions of the painting were created so that this piece could be the size of a piece of paper, or the size of a wall. As seen below, though, it seems the artist created the size of the painting to be closer to the latter.